Cofrasol 55/250

Usage as the lost shuttering of reinforced concrete floors finds the trapezoidal profile Cofrasol 55/250 at new buildings, as well as at reconstructions. Steel sheet in this case serves as the shuttering during the concrete pouring, therefor is its bearing function considered only until the monolithic concrete slab achieves the required load capacity, to which the trapezoidal profile does not contribute.

  • Economical trapezoidal sheet for the fast pouring of concrete floor decks into the lost shuttering
  • Budget-wise on large floor areas thanks to the stock width of 1000 mm
  • Variable in the structural design for various load cases in five thicknesses of the trapezoidal sheet
  • Production of the trapezoidal sheet possible galvanized or painted by the organic coating
  • Calculation software: Spaner
  • Production: Slovakia
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